The Ultimate Kiwi Beer Battered Fish

After catching a few 30cm-plus choice snapper or picking up a few fresh already trimmed fillets from spot xyz, try dipping them into this super easy beer batter. Have everything laid out ready to go before mixing the batter, the fresher the batter the crispier the result! The DYC Malt vinegar makes the batter extra crispy and flavoursome!

For the fish
1 ½ cups self raising flour
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp DYC Malt vinegar
1 egg, whisked until fluffy (we love Woodland)
300ml beer, very cold (we love Emerson’s Pilsner)
4 fish fillets, fresh
1 ½ L vegetable oil, for deep frying (we love Olivado Avocado Cooking Oil)
lemon, to serve

For the chips
500g potatoes, cut into chunky fries (we love Wilcox Vivaldi)
A drizzle Avocado Cooking Oil (we love Olivado)
Sea Salt

For the Mushy Peas
1 1/2 cup of frozen peas
½ tsp salt
A handful of mint leaves ( we love Superb Herb)
1 tbsp of avocado cooking oil (we love Olivado)

1. For the fries: Heat oven to 200C and line a flat baking tray with parchment
2. In a bowl, lather the fries in salt and oil. Spread out on the baking tray and bake for 30-40 minutes until golden and crunchy making sure to flip them over half way.
3. For the peas: Boil the peas for 5 minutes and drain. In a food processor, blitz together all of the mushy pea ingredients until pureed with a little texture.
4. For the fish: Heat the avocado oil in a deep pot or deep fryer to 180C. Have your fish fillets, coating flour, tongs and a tray lined with paper towels ready to go.
5. Place the self-raising flour and salt in a bowl, make a well and pour the egg into the centre, pour over the beer, add the DYC malt vinegar (this will make the batter extra crispy!) and whisk until a smooth batter forms.
6. Dip the fillets one at a time into the flour, shake off excess then dip into the batter. Carefully lower it into the hot oil, and drag it backwards and forwards for a few seconds before letting it go — this will help to seal the batter.
7. Cook for 2-4 minutes, depending on the thickness of each fillet, until crisp and golden. Lift out of the oil and drain on paper towels.
8. To assemble: Season with salt and serve with lemon, mushy peas and fries. Devour while hot!
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