Removing mould with Vinegar

Remove mould and help stop it coming back so quickly with vinegar. The secret is in waiting for the vinegar to penetrate the mould. Mould is bad for your health, so do wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself from mould spores. If you have dirty grout (not mouldy) try this technique.

DYC White vinegar

For best results, heat DYC white vinegar until boiling. Carefully pour into a spray bottle.
Liberally spray the surface with vinegar and give a light scrub to help remove mould and allow the vinegar to penetrate under the top surface of the mould.
Allow to soak for a couple of hours. If vinegar dries out you can reapply.
Scrub if required and wipe away mould with a cloth.
Get a clean cloth and spray or dip some vinegar on it. Give a final wipe. The smell of vinegar will soon dissipate and this will help to protect further mould forming.
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