Codling moth trap

Here’s an organic gardening idea for how to make a trap for codling moths. This trap will trap the female and male moth. Best time to use the traps is prior to bud burst – ideal for apples and pears. Thanks to Organic Edible Garden ( for this tip . Watch their video for this tip (about 3 minutes in)

5 Cups Water

3/4 Cup Molasses

Teaspoon Cloudy Ammonia (or you could use Handy Andy as its ammonia based)

1 Cup DYC Apple Cider Vinegar

A few drops of Dishwashing liquid

Milk bottles (2L size works well)

Makes enough for 3-4 traps.

Cut two holes the size of golf balls on the sides of a milk bottle (near the top), just under the lid.
Mix all ingredients together in a bucket.
Remove the lid from the milk bottle and pour in mixture until the milk bottles are about 1/4 full.
Hang your traps from your trees in the growing season. Best time to place them is prior to bud burst.
Check on your traps and top up the mixture from time to time.
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