How to clean your coffee machine

If your coffee isnt tasting as it should, chances are that your coffee machine hasnt been cleaned in a while. As all coffee machines are not built equally do check with your manufacturer if vinegar is suitable to use on your coffee machine. Generally if the parts of your machine are stainless steel vinegar should be fine, but do check. Vinegar is a great natural alternative to other cleaners. Its food safe and the taste of vinegar is easily rinsed away with water. Vinegar is particularly good for removing mineral deposits in the water that will build up over time in your machine. To clean the outside of your coffee machine, try DYC multipurpose cleaner.

DYC White Vinegar


Check your instruction manual to see if your coffee machine is able to be cleaned using vinegar.
Ensure machine is switched off. Half fill the water reservoir with water and fill the other half with DYC White vinegar.
Turn machine on and allow it to come up to temperature.
Remove the portafilter (the part you put the ground coffee into) and operate the machine so that the mixture comes through the head of the machine. Run it through the head of the machine for 20 seconds.
Run the mixture through the steam wand for 20 seconds.
Repeat running the mixture through the head of the machine and steam wand until it has all run through the machine.
Fill the water reservoir with water and flush through as you did above. Repeat.
Remove the dispersion filter (usually held by a screw inside group head) and soak this with the portafilter (stainless steel part only) and steam wand in a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. Rinse thoroughly before reassembling.
To clean the outside of your coffee machine wipe down with your own homemade DYC multi-purpose cleaner.
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