Multipurpose cleaner

Make your own natural cleaner using this easy recipe which smells great. This great multi purpose cleaner works well for spot cleaning or general cleaning of walls, kitchen cabinets, skirting boards, ceilings, stainless steel benches and appliances, sinks, tile splashbacks, inside fridges and freezers, heated towel rails, venetian blinds and shutters and aluminium and painted wooden joinery. Not suitable for use on granite, marble or other stone benches, unsealed wood and floors. For tougher marks try this natural cleaning paste. Check out this independent testing for cleaning with vinegar.


½ cup DYC White Vinegar

1½ cups water

Thinly pared rind of ½ an orange

Spray bottle

Pour the vinegar and water into a spray bottle.
Push the rind into the bottle.
Screw in the sprayer. Shake well.
Spray onto surface to be cleaned. For harder to clean marks allow to soak for a few minutes before wiping away or try this natural cleaning paste.
Shake before each use.
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