Treating nail fungus with vinegar

Keep a look out for signs of nail fungus such as white or yellow streaks, brittleness, lack of lustre or shine, thickening of the nail. Treat mild cases of infection with DYC White Vinegar.

Nail clippers

Nail file

DYC White vinegar

Trim the nail to a sensible length (not too short as this can cause ingrown toenails).
Using a clean nail file, file/scrape the infected nail, removing the very top surface of the nail. This will help the vinegar to get to the infection. Do not use the "scraper"on any other nail unless it has been first disinfected, since you can spread the fungus this way.
Apply DYC vinegar directly to the infected area. Allow to dry.
Repeat every three days until you can see sign of improvement. If problem persists consult your Dr.
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