Soothe Jellyfish Stings

We hope you dont get stung, but if you do use DYC vinegar to soothe the sting (any variety will do).  Latest research from Toxins shows that Vinegar is the best remedy for stings including the common blue bottle jellyfish. For any stings you are concerned about or extreme reactions you should visit your Dr.

DYC Vinegar (any variety except Spiced)

Rinse the effected area with DYC vinegar for at least 30 seconds.
Remove tentacles with a pair of tweezers.
Soak the affected area in hot water 40-45C (hot not scalding) for at least 20 minutes. A hot shower is OK if that’s easier than soaking. Stay in the water for 20 to 45 minutes.
Use a mild hydrocortisone cream to relieve itching and swelling. Use ice packs to relieve mild pain and or take pain killers. For severe stings visit your Dr.
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