Furniture Polish

Here’s a homemade polish that will clean and protect your furniture & it doesn’t attract lots of dust! This kind of polish is best used on furniture that has an oiled finish rather than a shiny varnish and furniture that doesnt have a sticky feeling (waxy build up). Always do a test on a small section of the furniture first. If your furniture feels sticky then you may have a build up of wax. Often store bought cleaners/polishes have silicon in them which can build up over time. See our tips here on how to remove this before using this furniture polish. You can try using our furniture polish recipe for any wooden furniture, but also it can be used for wooden chopping boards, wooden spoons, wooden picture frames, and leather sofas and chairs. See our tips here for how to minimise the appearance of scratches in wooden furniture.

1 cup olive or jojoba oil

1/4 cup DYC white vinegar

3 to 4 drops lemon essential oil (optional)

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and shake well. Store in a cool dark place.
Spray onto a lint free cloth and apply to furniture, following the grain of the wood. Allow to air dry.
For a more substantial gloss, spray directly onto furniture and buff to a shine.
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