Cleaning your iron

Did you know that your iron needs to be cleaned? Mineral deposits build up in your iron especially when unfiltered water is used. These deposits can mark freshly laundered clothes. Regular cleaning of your iron will help prevent the frustration this can cause and make your iron more efficient. If the soleplate of your iron is sticking you can clean it with DYC white vinegar. Some burnt on marks may still remain but it will glide over your fabric more easily. TIP: Check your iron instruction booklet in case the manufacturer recommends against the use of vinegar to clean the use of which could void the warranty.

DYC White Vinegar
Cleaning cloth

To clean the soleplate of your iron: Make sure the iron is cold. Pour DYC White Vinegar onto a cloth or non-scratch scourer. Rub the iron plate with this to remove the fabric residue.
To clean the inside of your iron: Fill half of the the water reservoir and top up to full with DYC White Vinegar. Turn to self-clean or the highest temperature setting and press the self-clean button or steam button until the reservoir is empty. Fill with fresh water and repeat.
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