Cleaning your dishwasher

Dishwasher filters need cleaning regularly, particularly if dishes are not rinsed before using the dishwasher. Using DYC White Vinegar to clean your dishwasher helps remove mineral deposits that build up over time, and kill mould spores, leaving your machine clean and smelling fresh. Did you know you can also use DYC White Vinegar instead of Rinse Aid in your dishwasher for sparkling glasses and cutlery? Check with your dishwasher manufacturer before using as not all dishwashers are made of the same materials. The dishwasher is the perfect place to clean your dishwashing brush, just pop in the cutlery basket with your dishes from time to time.

DYC White Vinegar

Remove crockery and cutlery trays
Release the washing arm and food filter basket.
Clean any food scraps from the filter basket.
Replace filters, washing arm and trays.
Pour 1 cup of DYC White Vinegar into the bottom of a dish drawer, or 2 cups of DYC White Vinegar into a full-sized dishwasher.
Run dishwasher on a HEAVY cycle (with no added dishwashing powder)
Clean the outside of your dishwasher and around the door seals with DYC multipurpose cleaner.
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