Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Mixed Vegetable Pickle Tip: Sprinkling the vegetables with salt allows excess water to seep out from the vegetables, making the pickles crunchier.

400g shallots
300g cauliflower
300g cucumber
6 tbsp salt
Whole dried chillies
3 – 3 ½ cups DYC Malt or White Vinegar

Peel the shallots, break the cauliflower into pieces. Peel cucumber and remove soft middle and seeds and dice. Place into a non-metallic bowl.
Sprinkle salt over vegetables and toss to coat vegetables in salt. Leave to stand for 24 hours.
Rinse vegetables under cold water and dry on kitchen paper.
Pack the dried vegetable mixture into hot sterilised jars (see pickling tips for more information), place one or two dried chillies into each jar and cover with vinegar.
Seal with corks or non-metallic lids.
Leave for 3 weeks before using.
Store unopened in a cupboard for up to 12 months. Once opened store in the fridge and use within 3 weeks.
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