Bouncy Egg

Can you make a rubber/bouncy egg at home? You bet! Give this a go and remember to bounce outside with clean up materials to hand. The inside of your egg will still be raw! For information on the science behind the bouncy egg see the BBC information here.

Any DYC Vinegar
A glass

Pour vinegar into a glass.
Place raw egg in glass and leave for 72 hours.
Gently lift out the egg out of the vinegar and rub away the shell. You should see a white membrane left behind.
Rinse under gently running tap.
Now get ready to bounce your egg. This is best done outside, with a clean up kit on hand!. Bounce your egg 10-15cm above a surface and watch it bounce like a rubber ball.
Be careful as higher than this your egg is likely to break open. Inside the yolk of the egg will be raw.
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