Smelly clothes

If you have some smelly sports gear, try this to get rid of those smells. Its a good idea to wash sports gear in cold or warm water as hot water can set in smells. If you can, hang out sports gear once you have worn it rather than let it sit for a long time in a laundry bag or plastic bag. If your gym clothes are particularly smelly try putting them in the freezer for a while before you pre-wash them (in a sealed plastic bag), to kill the smells and bacteria.

DYC White vinegar

Soak the clothes in a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts water in a bucket or a tub for an hour or overnight. It’s a good idea to test this on a small area of the garment first to make sure that it will not damage your clothes.
Wash your clothes in the washing machine (noting recommended temperature for washing). Hot washes are not appropriate for some fabrics and can cause smells to set in fabrics.
Wash with detergent as you normally would and add 1 cup of white vinegar to your wash once the machine is full of water. For strong smells you can leave this mixture to soak overnight.
Finish wash and if possible hang out to dry in sunshine (sunshine is a natural bacteria deterrant)
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