Rash treatment

DYC apple cider vinegar soothes and reduces skin inflammation and has antimicrobial properties. Treat heat rashes, nappy rash, yeast infections and minor skin irritations try this treatment. Either apply in a bath or using cotton balls or a cloth. Do not use on broken skin. If symptoms do not improve over a couple of days see your doctor.

DYC Apple Cider Vinegar


For a bath treatment: Fill bath to halfway and add two cups of DYC apple cider vinegar. Sit in the bath for 15 minutes. Towel dry lightly and allow the remaining moisture to air dry. Repeat daily.
For topical treatment: Mix two tablespoons of DYC Apple Cider vinegar in 1/2 cup of water. Apply to a cotton ball or wash cloth and wipe the affected area. Allow to air dry. Repeat a couple of times a day (for nappy rash every nappy change for a couple of days).
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