Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Cleaning Windows the non-toxic way. Vinegar is non-toxic, making it perfect for cleaning your windows instead of using harsh chemicals. It is much more economical than chemical cleaning solutions. Crawling insects are also not fond of vinegar, so using this solution will help keep your windows looking cleaner for longer. How does it work? The acid in vinegar breaks down film on glass surfaces. Using a small amount of detergent in the mixture helps to break down any wax residue left by commercial cleaning liquids. Tips: Wipe your windows left to right on one side of the pane and up and down on the other side, that way if you have missed a spot you will know if it is on the inside or outside. If your windows look streaky, you may have put too much dish washing liquid in your mixture, you only need a very very small amount. Try adding a few drops of peppermint oil (or essence made from peppermint oil) to the mixture. Insects dont like peppermint so this will help to repel them from your windows.

DYC White Vinegar

Warm Water

Dishwashing Liquid (very very small drop, size of a pinhead)

Spray Bottle or bucket

Window blade

For a spray bottle: Open your Spray Bottle. Combine equal parts of warm water and DYC White Vinegar in the Spray Bottle. Add a small squirt (pin head size) of dishwashing liquid into the Spray Bottle. Mix. Spray onto windows and wipe window with a sponge. Wipe clean with window blade, wiping the blade on a towel after each stroke.
For a bucket of window washing liquid: Half fill a bucket with warm water. Add a cup of DYC White vinegar and a very small dash of dish washing liquid. Mix gently. Moisten sponge with mixture and squeeze out any excess. Apply to window. Wipe clean with window blade, wiping the blade on a towel after each stroke.
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